Sunday, January 25, 2009

Waterfront Property in Navarre For Sale

For more information: Navarre FL Real Estate Agent

Details 471373, 7400 OTTER POINT RD, NAVARRE, FL - $244,900.00

Details 506827, 7125 WELLS AVE, NAVARRE, FL - $249,800.00

Details 500684, 7920 SLEEPY BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $300,000.00

Details 497065, 2916 SANDPIPER COVE, NAVARRE, FL - $350,000.00

Details 499015, 9506 BONE BLUFF DR, NAVARRE, FL - $369,300.00

Details 504988, 7968 SLEEPY BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $370,000.00

Details 474413, 3263 HWY 87 S, NAVARRE, FL - $399,900.00

Details 506119, 8840 SAND PINE DRIVE, NAVARRE, FL - $399,900.00

Details 438226, 1433 ARKANSAS ST, NAVARRE, FL - $425,000.00

Details 500047, 9448 BONE BLUFF DR, NAVARRE, FL - $449,000.00

Details 509054, 6291 CALLE DE HIDALGO, NAVARRE, FL - $479,900.00

Details 501728, 8788 SANDPINE DRIVE, NAVARRE, FL - $485,000.00

Details 454205, 3051 VANTAGE LN, NAVARRE, FL - $499,000.00

Details 506518, 8781 NAVARRE PKWY, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 507115, 3020 SHEARWATER DR, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 508392, 8229 POMPANO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $525,000.00

Details 507912, 2913 SANDPIPER COVE, NAVARRE, FL - $525,000.00

Details 503192, 6289 CALLE DE HIDALGO, NAVARRE, FL - $535,000.00

Details 503933, 8209 POMPANO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $638,900.00

Details 463601, 3113 CARVAJAL CT, NAVARRE, FL - $649,000.00

Details 506700, 3133 RODEBUSH LN, NAVARRE, FL - $650,000.00

Details 508530, 8909 SCHOONER CT, NAVARRE, FL - $650,000.00

Details 455141, 7121 WELLS AVE, NAVARRE, FL - $699,000.00

Details 508660, 9563 NAVARRE PARKWAY, NAVARRE, FL - $699,000.00

Details 504482, 8213 POMPANO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $747,000.00

Details 507123, 1894 BISCAYNE CIRCLE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $799,000.00

Details 477884, 2013 JESSICA WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $799,500.00

Details 486324, 2822 GRAND BAY CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $799,900.00

Details 508940, 7717 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $875,000.00

Details 425062, 1872 BISCAYNE CIRCLE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $979,000.00

Details 488824, 6805 TIDEWATER DR, NAVARRE, FL - $1,125,000.00

Details 493041, 1902 BISCAYNE CIRCLE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $1,150,000.00

Details 508246, 1487 ARKANSAS ST, NAVARRE, FL - $1,150,000.00

Details 507717, 1902 RUE LA FONTAINE, NAVARRE, FL - $1,300,000.00

Details 507318, 2040 FALCONHURST PL, NAVARRE, FL - $1,650,000.00

Details 495714, 8185 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $1,725,000.00

Details 437202, 7781 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $1,850,000.00

Details 503626, 9017 NAVARRE PKWY, NAVARRE, FL - $1,890,000.00

Details 497876, 7991 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $2,000,000.00

Details 496841, 2026 PRITCHARD POINT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $2,350,000.00

Details 477642, 7473 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $2,600,000.00

Navarre Real Estate


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