Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pier 23 Navarre Condominiums

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Details 489971, PIER 23, #306, NAVARRE, FL - $280,000.00

Details 489988, PIER 23, #406, NAVARRE, FL - $290,000.00

Details 489993, PIER 23, #506, NAVARRE, FL - $299,000.00

Details 490002, PIER 23, #303, NAVARRE, FL - $375,000.00

Details 489996, PIER 23, #305, NAVARRE, FL - $375,000.00

Details 490005, PIER 23, #201, NAVARRE, FL - $449,900.00

Details 490020, PIER 23, #301, NAVARRE, FL - $499,000.00

Details 490008, PIER 23, #403, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 490945, PIER 23, #404, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 489998, PIER 23, #405, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 490016, PIER 23, #504, NAVARRE, FL - $575,000.00

Details 490021, PIER 23, #505, NAVARRE, FL - $575,000.00

Details 490022, PIER 23, #401, NAVARRE, FL - $599,900.00

Details 490011, PIER 23, #503, NAVARRE, FL - $600,000.00

Details 490019, PIER 23, #502, NAVARRE, FL - $625,000.00

Details 490027, PIER 23, #501, NAVARRE, FL - $650,000.00

Navarre Real Estate


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