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Investment Properties Navarre FL

Investment Property Navarre FL


75.00 to 100.00 a square foot, manufactured and mobile homes were omitted.

Details 503409, 7312 GORDON EVANS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $94,900.00

Details 497842, 1998 PENTAGON ST, GULF BREEZE, FL - $98,900.00

Details 498439, 003 NINA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $99,900.00

Details 480774, 1877 VINEYARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $100,000.00

Details 493319, 8624 OLIVERA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $104,000.00

Details 485774, 8078 FOURTH ST, NAVARRE, FL - $109,300.00

Details 499375, 7318 MANATEE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $109,900.00

Details 491778, 6491 WATERMARK COVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $114,900.00

Details 487380, 7328 GORDON EVANS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $115,000.00

Details 483316, 7364 GORDON EVANS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $115,000.00

Details 506778, 8730 RIO VISTA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $119,300.00

Details 507634, 6957 JASPER ST, NAVARRE, FL - $120,000.00

Details 505212, 6441 STARFISH COVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $120,000.00

Details 502643, 2148 ESTATES CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $121,900.00

Details 505227, 2169 ESTATES CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $127,900.00

Details 488156, 2153 HILLARY LN, NAVARRE, FL - $128,000.00

Details 502771, 2679 WEEPING WILLOW LN, NAVARRE, FL - $129,900.00

Details 504594, 8242 MERCADO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $135,000.00

Details 505342, 2144 BELLMEADE CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $136,800.00

Details 484897, 6864 FLINTWOOD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $138,000.00

Details 498064, 1920 SEAHAWK LN, NAVARRE, FL - $138,900.00

Details 507264, 1914 ESPLANADE, NAVARRE, FL - $139,000.00

Details 490197, 2118 PRESIDIO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,000.00

Details 483549, 8207 COUNTRY BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 497676, 2122 LAS VEGAS TRAIL, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 509600, 6900 SEA TROUT CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 508540, 7269 BROADMOOR ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 507283, 8624 LAREDO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 501969, 9649 LEEWARD WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $140,000.00

Details 504542, 8673 HIGH SCHOOL BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $145,000.00

Details 496642, 2768 AUGUSTUS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $145,000.00

Details 484870, 2232 LEMURE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $145,900.00

Details 486401, 2105 SEAGRAPE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $148,500.00

Details 485658, 7535 LOOP ST, NAVARRE, FL - $149,900.00

Details 475312, 1671 CHAMPAGNE AVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $158,500.00

Details 505351, 2209 FRONTERA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $159,000.00

Details 503301, 6406 OUTRIGGER COVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 493890, 2418 FRONTERA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 509591, 9419 PARKER PLACE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 492669, 1955 AVENIDA DE SOL, NAVARRE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 504708, 8531 CORBIN CT, NAVARRE, FL - $160,000.00

Details 491126, 6964 COTTON BOLL LN, NAVARRE, FL - $160,000.00

Details 504803, 1701 SMUGGLERS COVE DR W, NAVARRE, FL - $161,500.00

Details 505003, 7205 ANTOINETTE CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $164,000.00

Details 502586, 2713 WOODBURY CT, NAVARRE, FL - $165,000.00

Details 506597, 7878 LOLA CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $167,500.00

Details 497836, 8201 TAVIRA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $169,000.00

Details 500876, 7332 WESTMINSTER DR, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 498366, 7242 MANATEE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 507730, 2932 HIDDEN BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 508541, 1947 ESPLANDE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 508218, 8230 BELEZA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $170,000.00

Details 508522, 1964 BRIGHT WATER DR., GULF BREEZE, FL - $171,900.00

Details 507652, 2001 JESSICA WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $172,500.00

Details 501763, 7566 MANATEE RD, NAVARRE, FL - $174,000.00

Details 492065, 8517 HIGH SCHOOL BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $176,900.00

Details 506060, 7558 DUVAL ST, NAVARRE, FL - $176,900.00

Details 509321, 6658 FLINTWOOD DR, NAVARRE, FL - $177,700.00

Details 508416, 2141 MAR MAR LN, NAVARRE, FL - $177,900.00

Details 497361, 1947 ESPLANADE, NAVARRE, FL - $179,000.00

Details 486533, 2289 ORION LAKE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $179,900.00

Details 417260, 2775 AVENIDA DE SOTO, NAVARRE, FL - $185,000.00

Details 504609, 3495 TOPAZ CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $186,900.00

Details 509677, 3534 TOPAZ COURT, NAVARRE, FL - $187,900.00

Details 497145, 1853 EDGEWOOD DR, NAVARRE, FL - $190,900.00

Details 507923, 7982 HERZOG CT, NAVARRE, FL - $193,005.00

Details 505815, 2700 SHONI DR, NAVARRE, FL - $194,800.00

Details 484162, 7566 BREVARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $194,900.00

Details 509098, 7574 BREVARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $194,900.00

Details 504819, 10032 PARKER LAKE CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $195,000.00

Details 509699, 1971 BAHAMA DRIVE, NAVARRE, FL - $195,000.00

Details 509678, 3522 TOPAZ CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $195,900.00

Details 502809, 2362 ANTLER COURT, NAVARRE, FL - $198,000.00

Details 494502, 7109 MENTON ST, NAVARRE, FL - $199,900.00

Details 506324, 6853 AVENIDA DE GALVEZ, NAVARRE, FL - $200,000.00

Details 494280, 7617 LARKSPUR ST, NAVARRE, FL - $200,000.00

Details 504956, 3594 TOPAZ CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $202,400.00

Details 504606, 3501 TOPAZ CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $207,900.00

Details 504946, 2383 HERITAGE CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $210,000.00

Details 494296, 7230 ALDEN CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $211,000.00

Details 507011, 2494 RAIDER LN, NAVARRE, FL - $214,500.00

Details 509468, 7316 OLYMPIA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $218,000.00

Details 420598, 1831 SUNRISE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $219,900.00

Details 506827, 7125 WELLS AVE, NAVARRE, FL - $224,800.00

Details 507641, 7070 BRIGHTON OAKS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $225,000.00

Details 508755, 1885 COTTON BAY LN, NAVARRE, FL - $225,000.00

Details 506229, 7885 SKYVIEW BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $225,000.00

Details 505108, 1760 JOYBROOK RD, NAVARRE, FL - $225,000.00

Details 507755, 1981 JAMAICA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $229,000.00

Details 501259, 2121 AINSDALE CT, NAVARRE, FL - $229,000.00

Details 503962, 7091 CALLE PONCE DE LEON, NAVARRE, FL - $229,500.00

Details 504884, 2419 TUMBLEWEED DR, NAVARRE, FL - $229,900.00

Details 509800, 2276 PRYTANIA CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $237,900.00

Details 507902, 2742 SHONI DR, NAVARRE, FL - $239,000.00

Details 472303, 7745 RAMONA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $239,900.00

Details 503887, 2348 DARVAS DR, NAVARRE, FL - $239,900.00

Details 471373, 7400 OTTER POINT RD, NAVARRE, FL - $244,900.00

Details 492829, 8153 COSICA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $245,000.00

Details 492031, 8216 COSICA BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $249,900.00

Details 501175, 2092 ALFRED BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $259,000.00

Details 500158, 6749 GLASSPORT ST, NAVARRE, FL - $259,900.00

Details 503181, 6764 LIBERTY ST, NAVARRE, FL - $259,900.00

Details 505509, 2564 HIDDEN CREEK DR, NAVARRE, FL - $265,000.00

Details 494835, 9385 POUDER LANE, NAVARRE, FL - $266,900.00

Details 509549, 6830 FERNANDINA RD, NAVARRE, FL - $277,200.00

Details 503515, 2066 INDIGO DR, NAVARRE, FL - $285,000.00

Details 485961, 6608 LONGVIEW ST, NAVARRE, FL - $299,000.00

Details 479460, 2428 TUMBLEWEED DR, NAVARRE, FL - $299,000.00

Details 444371, 1950 EDGEWOOD DR, NAVARRE, FL - $299,900.00

Details 489587, 6677 ADMIRAL ST, NAVARRE, FL - $299,900.00

Navarre Real Estate


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