Friday, January 30, 2009

Navarre Short Sales, Foreclosures, Bank Owned Properties

navarre flforeclosures Navarre FL Real Estate for more short sales & bank owned properties...

Details 502358, 9025 LARKER WOODS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $44,250.00

Details 505885, 3035 BIRMINGHAM DR, NAVARRE, FL - $44,800.00

Details 502095, 2231 EL DORADO CT, NAVARRE, FL - $73,500.00

Details 493899, 2266 TOM ST, NAVARRE, FL - $74,900.00

Details 500328, 2140 JEANNIE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $75,000.00

Details 478460, 1646 BROOKWOOD DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $80,000.00

Details 504248, 2240 CHAPPERAL DR, NAVARRE, FL - $83,900.00

Details 501747, 1918 ESPLANADE, NAVARRE, FL - $89,000.00

Details 503409, 7312 GORDON EVANS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $94,900.00

Details 507554, 8214 BELEZA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $94,900.00

Details 502089, 5682 CHARTER CIR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $95,000.00

Details 497842, 1998 PENTAGON ST, GULF BREEZE, FL - $98,900.00

Details 480774, 1877 VINEYARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $100,000.00

Details 493319, 8624 OLIVERA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $104,000.00

Details 485774, 8078 FOURTH ST, NAVARRE, FL - $109,300.00

Details 499375, 7318 MANATEE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $109,900.00

Details 499880, 2725 SHERWOOD DR, NAVARRE, FL - $114,800.00

Details 495940, 8533 MISTY RIDGE LN, NAVARRE, FL - $115,000.00

Details 487380, 7328 GORDON EVANS RD, NAVARRE, FL - $115,000.00

Details 504369, 5696 GOVERNMENT ST, GULF BREEZE, FL - $115,900.00

Details 506778, 8730 RIO VISTA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $119,300.00

Details 499862, 2128 JEANNIE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $120,000.00

Details 507634, 6957 JASPER ST, NAVARRE, FL - $120,000.00

Details 502643, 2148 ESTATES CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $121,900.00

Details 507682, 8111 FOURTH ST, NAVARRE, FL - $126,900.00

Details 505227, 2169 ESTATES CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $127,900.00

Details 488156, 2153 HILLARY LN, NAVARRE, FL - $128,000.00

Details 493879, 7620 CHABLIS CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $129,000.00

Details 503720, 8137 FOURTH ST, NAVARRE, FL - $129,000.00

Details 502771, 2679 WEEPING WILLOW LN, NAVARRE, FL - $129,900.00

Details 506539, 8820 ARLINGTON PL, NAVARRE, FL - $135,000.00

Details 507257, 2799 BRASWELL ST, NAVARRE, FL - $135,000.00

Details 504594, 8242 MERCADO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $135,000.00

Details 484897, 6864 FLINTWOOD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $138,000.00

Details 498064, 1920 SEAHAWK LN, NAVARRE, FL - $138,900.00

Details 490197, 2118 PRESIDIO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,000.00

Details 509212, 2579 OLEANDER DR, NAVARRE, FL - $139,500.00

Details 509600, 6900 SEA TROUT CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 483549, 8207 COUNTRY BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 508540, 7269 BROADMOOR ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 507283, 8624 LAREDO ST, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 497676, 2122 LAS VEGAS TRAIL, NAVARRE, FL - $139,900.00

Details 501969, 9649 LEEWARD WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $140,000.00

Details 508193, 1646 OAK DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $140,000.00

Details 508116, 5539 SEASPRAY DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $142,900.00

Details 484870, 2232 LEMURE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $145,900.00

Details 485658, 7535 LOOP ST, NAVARRE, FL - $149,900.00

Details 499121, 1347 EL SERENO PLACE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $150,000.00

Details 501831, 2500 CAMERON WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $155,000.00

Details 503864, 3757 MANHATTAN CT, GULF BREEZE, FL - $156,500.00

Details 498683, 6391 HERONWALK DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $157,900.00

Details 475312, 1671 CHAMPAGNE AVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $158,500.00

Details 508916, 1923 MELISSA OAKS DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $158,900.00

Details 509591, 9419 PARKER PLACE DR, NAVARRE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 503301, 6406 OUTRIGGER COVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $159,900.00

Details 504708, 8531 CORBIN CT, NAVARRE, FL - $160,000.00

Details 491126, 6964 COTTON BOLL LN, NAVARRE, FL - $160,000.00

Details 504803, 1701 SMUGGLERS COVE DR W, NAVARRE, FL - $161,500.00

Details 505003, 7205 ANTOINETTE CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $164,000.00

Details 501697, 2041 RESERVE BLVD, GULF BREEZE, FL - $164,900.00

Details 509485, 1705 SMUGGLERS COVE DR W, GULF BREEZE, FL - $164,900.00

Details 506597, 7878 LOLA CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $167,500.00

Details 497836, 8201 TAVIRA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $169,000.00

Details 501592, 2035 ALFRED BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $169,800.00

Details 507730, 2932 HIDDEN BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 508541, 1947 ESPLANDE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $169,900.00

Details 508218, 8230 BELEZA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $170,000.00

Details 507652, 2001 JESSICA WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $172,500.00

Details 479142, 1545 SILVER LACE CT, GULF BREEZE, FL - $174,000.00

Details 501763, 7566 MANATEE RD, NAVARRE, FL - $174,000.00

Details 504368, 9688 SEAFARER'S WAY, NAVARRE, FL - $174,900.00

Details 492065, 8517 HIGH SCHOOL BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $176,900.00

Details 508416, 2141 MAR MAR LN, NAVARRE, FL - $177,900.00

Details 497361, 1947 ESPLANADE, NAVARRE, FL - $179,000.00

Details 507718, 7208 MANATEE ST, NAVARRE, FL - $179,900.00

Details 503236, 8297 MONTALBAN ST, NAVARRE, FL - $179,900.00

Details 505776, 1493 NANTAHALA BEACH RD, GULF BREEZE, FL - $184,000.00

Details 494275, 8180 FORTWORTH STREET, NAVARRE, FL - $184,000.00

Details 417260, 2775 AVENIDA DE SOTO, NAVARRE, FL - $185,000.00

Details 485821, 7346 TREASURE RD, NAVARRE, FL - $185,900.00

Details 502524, 2575 HIDDEN ESTATES CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $186,500.00

Details 501244, 2288 CHAPPARAL ST, NAVARRE, FL - $189,900.00

Details 497145, 1853 EDGEWOOD DR, NAVARRE, FL - $190,900.00

Details 505815, 2700 SHONI DR, NAVARRE, FL - $194,800.00

Details 484162, 7566 BREVARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $194,900.00

Details 509098, 7574 BREVARD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $194,900.00

Details 493335, 1675 CHAMPAGNE AVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $195,000.00

Details 504819, 10032 PARKER LAKE CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $195,000.00

Details 509699, 1971 BAHAMA DRIVE, NAVARRE, FL - $195,000.00

Details 502809, 2362 ANTLER COURT, NAVARRE, FL - $198,000.00

Details 506215, 1951 ALAMANDA CT, NAVARRE, FL - $199,000.00

Details 494502, 7109 MENTON ST, NAVARRE, FL - $199,900.00

Details 504887, 2227 SEASCALE CT, NAVARRE, FL - $199,900.00

Details 486734, 8962 ELLEN CT, NAVARRE, FL - $199,900.00

Details 471362, 2810 VENETIAN GARDENS, GULF BREEZE, FL - $209,000.00

Details 509247, 1253 HARRISON AVE, GULF BREEZE, FL - $209,900.00

Details 494296, 7230 ALDEN CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $211,000.00

Details 509468, 7316 OLYMPIA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $218,000.00

Details 499653, 2395 HERITAGE CIR, NAVARRE, FL - $219,000.00

Details 506827, 7125 WELLS AVE, NAVARRE, FL - $224,800.00

Details 505108, 1760 JOYBROOK RD, NAVARRE, FL - $225,000.00

Details 507340, 6532 REDFIELD ST, NAVARRE, FL - $230,000.00

Details 508621, 2679 SHONI DR, NAVARRE, FL - $238,000.00

Details 499501, 9912 PARKER LAKE CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $238,900.00

Details 472427, 1792 MUSTANG ST, NAVARRE, FL - $239,000.00

Details 471373, 7400 OTTER POINT RD, NAVARRE, FL - $244,900.00

Details 492829, 8153 COSICA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $245,000.00

Details 476037, 6283 HERONWALK DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $249,000.00

Details 506048, 1507 SEASIDE CIRCLE, NAVARRE, FL - $249,000.00

Details 492031, 8216 COSICA BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $249,900.00

Details 503716, 1702 TURKEY OAK DR, NAVARRE, FL - $269,000.00

Details 502120, 3821 TIGER POINT BLVD, GULF BREEZE, FL - $279,900.00

Details 503515, 2066 INDIGO DR, NAVARRE, FL - $285,000.00

Details 485961, 6608 LONGVIEW ST, NAVARRE, FL - $299,000.00

Details 501658, 4540 SEA VISTA LN, GULF BREEZE, FL - $299,000.00

Details 504822, 805 LARGO DR, PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - $299,900.00

Details 504661, 2533 CRESCENT RD, NAVARRE, FL - $299,900.00

Details 499565, 1450 SONATA CT, NAVARRE, FL - $314,900.00

Details 480794, 3716 TIGER POINT BLVD, GULF BREEZE, FL - $315,000.00

Details 492112, 7151 RIVERVIEW ST, NAVARRE, FL - $325,000.00

Details 467012, 913 PANFERIO DR, PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - $329,900.00

Details 509306, 7146 BRINKLEY ST, NAVARRE, FL - $358,500.00

Details 504151, 9017 ORLANDO AVE, NAVARRE, FL - $359,000.00

Details 449872, 1783 RAVENNA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $363,000.00

Details 504988, 7968 SLEEPY BAY BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $370,000.00

Details 505619, 1334 TOUR DR, GULF BREEZE, FL - $374,800.00

Details 508888, 3089 PGA BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $384,687.00

Details 508706, 2785 PEBBLE BEACH DR, NAVARRE, FL - $389,900.00

Details 507588, 7374 GRAND NAVARRE BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $397,900.00

Details 472029, 3185 CALLE DE CORTEZ, NAVARRE, FL - $489,900.00

Details 506518, 8781 NAVARRE PKWY, NAVARRE, FL - $499,900.00

Details 508514, 8186 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $599,000.00

Details 491037, 3112 COQUINA WAY, GULF BREEZE, FL - $797,800.00

Details 504624, 1313 ARIOLA DR, PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - $1,050,000.00

Details 504086, 1407 ARIOLA DR, PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - $1,050,000.00

Details 504083, 1307 ARIOLA DR, PENSACOLA BEACH, FL - $1,050,000.00

Navarre Real Estate


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