Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Movie Filmed in Walton County Florida

Did you know that there have been movies filmed in South Walton County here in Florida?

Perhaps the TRUMAN SHOW is the most popular starring Jim Carey.

But also check out the horror movie: FROGS which was filmed at the Wesley Plantation in Point Washington featuring Sam Elliot in 1972.

The full length movie can be seen on YouTube HERE.

Friday, January 3, 2014

15 Questions to ask before you hire a general contractor

15 Questions To Ask A General Contractor Before You Hire
Interviewing Your Builder- Parsco Construction

1.) What type of license do you hold? General, building, or residential?
ParsCo holds a General Contracting License in the State of Florida, allowing ParsCo to build and construct any type of project without restrictions. The General Contracting license is the most difficult license to attain. Residential license holders are restricted to only building homes, Building Contract Licenses can do commercial work but only up to 3-stories.

2.) Are you state certified or county certified?
ParsCo is a State Certified General Contractor allowed to build projects in any County throughout the State of Florida.

3.)What is your college education and core subjects you specialized in?Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering- Honors Graduate
Project Management, Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Soils/Foundations, Structures & Strengths of Materials, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Mechanical & Electrical Systems were some of the core curriculum involved with attaining this degree.

4.)Can you provide a copy of your drivers and contractor license?Yes. The Certified General Contractor License along with complain history can be found online at:

5.)Have you ever declared personal or professional bankruptcy?

6.)Have you ever operated under a different company name?
Yes. My company was originally founded as Build Knowledge Services- a construction education company.

7.)Can you provide a good standing letter from your financial institution?
Yes. We can also provide a copy of our bonding capacity letter.

8.)Have you been accused or convicted of any crime within the last 10 years?

9.)Have you or your company been involved in any lawsuits in the last 10 years?

10.)How long have you been a licensed contractor?
Licensed in the State of Florida since 2006

11.)What type of quality control program do you have?ParsCo has a published QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) manual that all employees and subcontractors follow.

12.) What type of safety program do you have?ParsCo professionals are OSHA Certified 30, and go above and beyond to follow all the OSHA codes/regulations.

13.)Have you ever had a lien or non payment issue?

14.)Do you supply notarized lien releases before I pay you?Yes. All subcontractors and vendors are required to submit lien releases with invoices prior to payments. ParsCo provides a lien release to the Owner with each invoice/payment.

15.)Do you provide weekly reports, a schedule calendar and progress photos online for me to track?
Yes. ParsCo superintendents keep daily reports and the log is available to Owners for review. ParsCo produces a CPM schedule at the onset of each project to use as a tool to manage and schedule all construction activities. The CPM schedule is also used to establish milestones with the Owner as it relates to the selection process. All ParsCo projects are documented with weekly photography and assigned their own website for the Owner's review and use.

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