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When Charles Bodree was 12 years old, he started drawing boats. Not just doodles — he was designing them in detail.“I have always had a high interest in boats,” Bodree says. “My dad was an avid yachtsman, so it's in my blood. I grew up on these boats, taking care of them and studying them.”Bodree used his design skills to become an architect, studying at Auburn and then working in the industry for 20 years. But his love for boat design never left him, and in 2011, Bodree decided it was time to follow his dream.
He moved back to Perdido Beach to live on Soldier Creek, where he was raised. Together with his business partner Clint Tomasino, Bodree began designing boats for their company, CAByachts. He pored over boat design books and memorized the history of Chris-Craft, which has been producing top-notch yachts and racing boats since the 19th century.
Bodree and Tomasino are especially fond of mid-century modern boat design.
“Design back then was progressive minded, seeing way into the future,” Bodree says. “It was an overt, emphatic attempt to make the future now.”
Although Bodree designs with the 1950s in mind, there's nothing old-fashioned about the technology and construction of his boats.
“We are building technologically superior yachts,” he says. “Nobody else is building boats like this. We know how to make these things with the highest technology and appropriate methodology available. ”
Bodree and Tomasino say they have thought of every detail to ensure their boats will last.
“When they (Chris-Craft) built these boats, they thought of it as a five to seven year lifespan,” Bodree says. “We build an heirloom product that you pass on. If you take care of it, it'll last 100 years.”
So far, Bodree and Tomasino have hand-built two skiffs to show potential customers the quality of their product. The skiffs, like all of the other boats CAByachts will offer, were built using plank-on-frame construction, and everything is held together with silicone bronze fasteners (no corrosion) and 3M's marine adhesive sealant called 5200. Bodree says using the 5200 is like building a boat with rubber glue — the rubber-like substance acts as a cushion, allowing the normal expansion and contraction in wood to take place without damaging the construction of the vessel.
After the framing and planking is finished, Bodree seals everything with a sealant that ensures the wood's moisture content never goes beyond 25 percent.
Bodree has finalized several designs: two skiffs, single and twin gentleman's racers, a coastal fisherman and a sport fisherman. These designs can be viewed on the CAByachts website,
Bodree says being able to actually start CAByachts, design boats and build them has been the realization of a lifelong passion. He says if he hadn't grown up in such a beautiful setting with supportive parents who encouraged his creativity, he may never have been able to take the risk and start his business.
“I was really fortunate — I grew up with no boundaries,” Bodree says. “There were no fences. I grew up on Soldier Creek with access to of all of Perdido, and that's a great way for young boy to grow up. I always felt like I had freedom, and that helped mold me mentally and intellectually to pursue varying, but connected endeavors.”

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NAME: Charles Bodree
HOMETOWN: Perdido Beach
PROFESSION: Architect turned yacht builder

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