Monday, May 3, 2010

Deepwater Oil Spill Navarre Beach Update: May 2, 2010

Navarre Oil Spill Info
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill #3 Contact: Joy Tsubooka
May 2, 2010 Public Information Officer
4:45 p.m. (850) 983-5254, (850) 393-8304 Cell
Deepwater Horizon Incident Update #3
Situation Update

Local areas are not expected to begin seeing the impact of the Deepwater Horizon collapse in the next 72 hours.
Community Meetings
Two community information meetings are scheduled with county leaders, staff and representatives from BP and DEP:

Navarre Beach Visitor Information Center located at 8543 Navarre Parkway (U.S. Hwy 98) in Navarre, at noon, Monday, May 3

An “One Island” meeting with officials from both Santa Rosa County, the SRIA, and Escambia County at the Pensacola Beach Community Church located at 916 Panferio Drive on Pensacola Beach at 2 p.m., Monday, May 3

To become a part of the Santa Rosa County volunteer data base for volunteer opportunities that may arise, contact the Volunteer Reception Center operated through Help Thy Neighbors in coordination with emergency management at (850) 983-5223. Cell phone contacts used on May 1 & 2 are no longer used for volunteer information.

Weekend volunteer stats:
Approximately 250 volunteers gave an estimated 1,000 hours to clean up Navarre Beach on Saturday and Sunday.
An estimated 155 lbs. or man-made garbage was collected. Natural debris was placed above the high water line.
Actions Taken By Santa Rosa County

Emergency management staff had identified long and short term objectives, to include but not limited to:
Identify training needed for workers and volunteers to participate in clean-up
Monitor water for oil or affected wildlife
Document local resources used
Research and track financial impacts and tourism
Prepare contingency plan for response to protect Santa Rosa resources
Monitor requests made to unified command

Maps, including overall locations and a priority listing, of the U.S. Coast Guard’s booming strategy are available online at Additional locations have also been suggested by Santa Rosa County through the unified command system including the 3-Mile, Garcon Point, Bob Sikes and I-10 bridges.

A local state of emergency was declared at 3 p.m., Friday, April 30, allowing the county to implement proactive measures as needed.
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Emergency management officials continue to participate in the unified command and State of Florida Department of Emergency Management conference calls to obtain the lasted information to plan our role accordingly.

Pre-qualified debris contractors and environmental engineering consultants have been contacted and are ready to respond as required.

The EOC is will activate at a level 2, or partial activation with essential staff, at 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Monday, May 3 until further notice.

The Santa Rosa County Citizen Information Line at (850) 983-INFO or 4636 is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

For more information
NOAA Closes Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Oil-Affected Portion of Gulf of Mexico

NOAA is restricting fishing for a minimum of ten days in federal waters most affected by the BP oil spill, largely between Louisiana state waters at the mouth of the Mississippi River to waters off Florida’s Pensacola Bay. The closure is effective immediately.

Details can be found at:

Fishermen who wish to contact BP about a claim should call (800) 440-0858.
About the Booming Strategy

Boom placement will be based on tides and where the oil is threatening.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s booming strategy for Santa Rosa County focuses on identified environmentally sensitive areas. Estuaries and inlets are at the top of the list, not the beach areas. This is to protect sensitive habitat that support wildlife and fish. If the oil washes on the beach, the sand can be cleaned. If the oil reaches the estuaries and inlets, it could be devastating to our local wildlife and fish habitat, taking years to recover.

Please note booms are not a fail safe solution. They can become ineffective in high seas, strong winds, or currents over one knot. Resources are currently staged in Pensacola in preparation for a response for our area.

Santa Rosa County is working through the Florida Emergency Operations Center under the incident command of the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection and ultimately the unified command currently operational in Mobile. Our county provides input, but the operational decisions are through the unified command. Santa Rosa County continues to work to maximize protection and minimize impacts.
Precautions for Affected Areas

Avoid entering areas where oil can be seen or smelled. If you see or smell oil, leave the area right away.

Avoid direct skin contact with oil, oil-contaminated water and sediments.

Do not swim or ski in areas affected by the oil spill, and if you travel through the area by boat, take precautions when hoisting the boat anchor. If you get oil on your skin, wash it off immediately with soap and water.

Do not fish in the oil spill-affected waters.

Do not harvest and eat dead fish, fish with oily residue or fish that have a petroleum odor.

Do not drive your boat through slicks or sheens.

Young children, pregnant women, people with compromised immune systems, and individuals with underlying respiratory conditions should avoid the area.

Restrict pets from entering oil-contaminated areas.
Tarball Safety

For most people, an occasional brief contact with a small amount of oil, while not recommended, will do no harm. However, some people are especially sensitive to chemicals, including the hydrocarbons found in crude oil and petroleum products. They may have an allergic reaction or develop rashes even from brief contact with oil. In general, we recommend that contact with oil be avoided.

If contact occurs, wash the area with soap and water, baby oil, or a widely used, safe cleaning compound such as cleaning paste sold at auto parts stores.

Avoid using solvents, gasoline, kerosene, diesels fuel, or similar products on the skin.
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Air Quality
Some individuals are more susceptible to change in air quality due to medical conditions. Anyone who is concerned about change in air quality due to this event should contact their primary health care provider, as each of us has a unique health profile.

As with wildfires and other events that increases particulate matter in the air, consider staying inside, in an air-conditioned room and change the air-conditioner filter to ensure peak performance.

Avoid strenuous activities outside.

If you have difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or other serious symptoms, seek immediate medical attention

Individuals with an air quality question or concern should contact the Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.

Boat traffic is highly encouraged to avoid any spill areas.

Boats that must transit through affected zones should maintain a safe speed through the oil that appears light, bright, and on the surface.

Boats should make every effort to avoid pockets of heavy black oil.

Boat owners are urged to dry-dock boats.

Boater should avoid booms and should not drive over any booms.
About the Oil

The oil condition that is expected to impact shorelines is predicted to be a gel or paste-like emulsion and of tarball consistency, stranding in a discontinuous and patchy manner. The oil is also expected to be brown, sticky and possibly a emitting a sheen associated with emulsified oil.

Due to the low aromatic content, the acute toxicity is low relative to fresher oil.

It will stick to emergent and aquatic vegetation, birds, fur-bearing mammals and retiles.
Affects on Wildlife

The affect on wildlife can include: smothering of invertebrates, ingestion, loss of ability to thermoregulate, eye and mucus membrane irritation, and transport of oil through marshes by animals

The biodegradation is slow, which could lead to chronic effects on fish, invertebrates, and wildlife.

Toxicity or harmful effects are dependent upon:
mixture and types of chemicals that make up the oil or are used to clean up the oil,
amount of exposure (dose for internal exposures or time for external exposures),
route of exposure (inhaled, ingested, absorbed, or external), and
Biomedical risk factors of the animal (age, sex, reproductive stage, and health status). For turtles this will include differing impacts and vulnerabilities at the different life stages such as eggs, post-hatchlings, juveniles and adults. For cetaceans this will include neonates, calves, juveniles and adults.
Habitat Impact

The habitats with the highest sensitivity are mangroves, marshes, barrier islands, sheltered tidal flats, and shallow sub-tidal areas.

The lowest is sandy beach because it is the easiest to clean, as both manual and heavy equipment may be used.
Impact on Seafood

Crude oil has the potential to taint seafood with flavors and odors imparted by exposure to hydrocarbon chemicals. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulate the presence of hydrocarbons as a possible adulterant in seafood.

The public should not be concerned about the safety of seafood they are buying at this time. The spill has not reached the coastal area and the seafood on the market has not been affected. The Federal and State
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governments have strong systems in place to test and monitor seafood safety and to prohibit harvesting from affected areas, keeping oiled products out of the market.

NOAA Fisheries is working closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the States to ensure seafood safety.
Clean-Up Jobs

Workforce Escarosa, Inc. will host hiring events in effort to recruit and screen applicants for an estimated 500 clean-up jobs with Advanced Employment Solutions on the following dates:
Monday, May 3- 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Workforce Escarosa Pensacola One-Stop located at 3670-A North L
Tuesday, May 4- 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., Workforce Escarosa Milton One-Stop located at 5725 Hwy. 90
Wednesday, May 5- 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Workforce Escarosa Pensacola One-Stop located at 3670-A North L Street
Wednesday, May 5- 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Workforce Escarosa Century One-Stop located at 8120 North Century Blvd.

Applicants must bring proof of U.S. citizenship, a valid driver’s license, and any relevant credentials. For more information, visit and search for job order numbers 9481666, 9481677, 9481703, 9481718, and 9481331.
BP Claim Line

BP has established a claim system that will allow people to begin the process to recover lost income or recoup damage related expense at (800)-440-0858.
Vessels of Opportunity (boats) program

BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire through the Vessel of Opportunities Program to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information (425) 745-8017
Alternative Response Technology

To submit alternative response technology, services or products please email or call (281) 366-5511.
Oiled Wildlife

To report oiled wildlife, please call 1-866-557-1401 and leave a message. Messages will be checked hourly. Individuals are urged not to attempt to help injured or oiled animals, but to report any sightings to the toll free number.
Report Oil Sightings

To report oiled shoreline, please call 1-866-448-5816.
Other Contact Numbers

Transocean hotline: 832-587-8554

MI Swaco hotline: 888-318-6765

BP Investor Relations: 381-366-3123

BP family hotline: 281-36-578

BP third party contractor hotline: 281-366-5578
General Safety Information

Please monitor your home weather radio and local media outlets for the most up-to-date information.

Your best defense in any disaster is a NOAA Weather radio.

Citizens can signup to automatically receive breaking news alerts from Santa Rosa County Emergency Management via e-mail or as a text message on their cell phone at:
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Citizen Information Line

The Santa Rosa County Citizen Information Line at (850) 983-INFO or 4636 is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Citizens may call (850) 983-INFO (4636) with questions.


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