Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Navarre Beach Homes for Sale

497814 - Details: 1405 BAHIA DR, NAVARRE, FL - $245,000

512619 - Details: 1433 ARKANSAS ST, NAVARRE, FL - $349,000

516612 - Details: 1474 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $359,000

406663 - Details: 1443 ARKANSAS ST, NAVARRE, FL - $399,900

501559 - Details: 9/12 ALABAMA ST, NAVARRE, FL - $429,000

518577 - Details: 1489 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $429,000

518463 - Details: 1401 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $439,000

449609 - Details: 7707 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $440,000

479036 - Details: 7457 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $485,000

442054 - Details: 7413 GRAND NAVARRE BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $496,500

511811 - Details: 1430 SONATA CT, NAVARRE, FL - $549,000

518286 - Details: 8146 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $550,000

515881 - Details: 1406 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $585,000

437200 - Details: 1452 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $629,100

509133 - Details: 8043 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $675,000

509401 - Details: 7777 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $675,000

517379 - Details: 7831 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $687,500

494476 - Details: 8191 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $695,000

508269 - Details: 7591 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $695,000

477663 - Details: 7689 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $695,900

478744 - Details: 7390 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $795,000

492585 - Details: 8031 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $799,000

495713 - Details: 8017 WHITE SANDS BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $799,500

508246 - Details: 1487 ARKANSAS ST, NAVARRE, FL - $850,000

472716 - Details: 8156 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $895,000

497371 - Details: 7936 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $899,000

437202 - Details: 7781 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $1,400,000

423166 - Details: 1444 HOMEPORT DR, NAVARRE, FL - $1,499,000

497876 - Details: 7991 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $1,500,000

495714 - Details: 8185 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $1,599,000

511042 - Details: 7767 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $2,399,000

477642 - Details: 7473 GULF BLVD, NAVARRE, FL - $2,600,000

Navarre Beach Reality Smugglers Cove


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